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We sharpen your knives by hand with precision

What is the most important tool in the kitchen?​ It's your Knife!

A sharp knife makes food prep a joy and is much safer than a dull blade. A sharp knife allows for accuracy and detail when slicing, chopping, prepping and dicing. As a culinary student you already know this so treat your knife nicely, give it what it needs. 

  1. Keep it as clean as possible at all times

  2. Dry it immediately after washing

  3. Sharpen it on a regular basis

A sharp knife does the work for you. It slices through food with ease but a dull knife can slip, cause frustration and is dangerous.


At The Cutting Edge we take pride in our work.

We use Water Stones, CBN or Diamonds to re-profile your knife's edge if needed to the correct angle, and then sharpen to a razors edge. There is no heat build-up in the process so the temper of your blade is never damaged.

In the Oliver and Surrounding area?

Want to have a happy experience in the kitchen​? We can keep keep your knives sharp. Call us!

Sharpen Yours Today!

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