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Have the best garden in town with sharp tools

Save time and energy with razor sharp garden tools.

Whether you have a shovel, axe, hoe, lopper or pruning shears, your tools should be clean, rust-free and most importantly — sharp.

Schedule a sharpening today!

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Other Knives & Tools Pricing

All prices include pickup & delivery with minimum order of $25

Hedge trimmers

Pruning shears


Woodworking tools

Hunting, Military & EDC Knives (EveryDay Carry)

Second blade

Damaged edge

When a knife is chipped, when there is a nick in the edge, the edge is repaired by removing metal along the length of the entire blade until the chip/nick is removed. The worse the damage, the more edge removal is required. It is a lot of work and it is all done by hand.

Broken tip repair



$10 – $18


$12 – $25


$2 – $12

$2 – $6


Got tools like these?

Let the Cutting Edge get them sharper-than-new 

The perfect hunting knife must...
  • Have a sharp blade​

  • Be comfortable to use 

  • Have a smooth blade

  • Have a perfect grip

  • Have a sharp, thin tip

  • Be able to be used in all types of harsh situations    


We use the cutting edge sharpening systems from Edge Pro and Tormek, precise hand-sharpening systems that give you that perfect edge. Razor sharp! Let us sharpen yours, contact us today!

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