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Be ready for anything with a sharp pair of scissors

Get your scissors professionally sharpened with The Cutting Edge.

We take pride in delivering a quality scissor sharpening service at cost-effective prices to homeowners and business owners in the Oliver BC and surrounding areas.

Some of the industries we service:

  • Wine and food industry

  • Florists

  • Dress-makers

  • Interior designers

  • Hair Salons

  • Barbers


 Our sharpening methods are designed to leave your blades in excellent condition while removing the least amount of metal. We use the latest world class equipment to deliver the sharpest results. All scissors are sharpened to the original factory angles. We produce an incredibly sharp edge that’s honed, polished, and hand finished to the latest industry standards. Whatever industry you are in, we’ll ensure your scissors will continue to cut accurately even when used rigorously and on a daily basis.

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  • Pet Groomers

  • Upholsterers

  • Gardeners

  • Restaurants

  • Chefs

Scissor Sharpening Pricing

All prices include pickup & delivery with minimum order of $25

Scissors 4" & under

Scissors 4" – 8" 

Hair Salon Shears, Japanese Style Convex

Barber Scissors, German Style Bevel

Pet Grooming Scissors

Damaged edge

When the blades of scissors are chipped or there are nicks in the edge, the edge is repaired by removing metal along the length of the entire blade until the chip/nick is removed. The worse the damage, the more edge removal is required. It is a lot of work and it is all done by hand.

Broken tip repair






$2 – $12

$2 – $12


Got scissors like these?

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