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We sharpen your knives by hand with precision
Our goal is to restore your blades while removing no more metal than necessary.
We sharpen without heat to protect temper, then hone with fine abrasives.
Kitchen Cutlery
Garden Tools

A well sharpened knife is an absolute pleasure to use ..... A dull knife is a knightmare, and can actually hurt you.    

        A properly-sharpened knife will never slip while you are cutting with it, and will glide smoothly through whatever you are cutting.

        Are your knives in need of a little tender care?

A perfect hunting knife must have these qualities:

    - The knife's blade must be sharp.

     - Must be comfortable to use. 

     - The blade should be smooth.

     -The knife must have a perfect grip.

     - The blade must have a sharp, thin               tip.

     - A perfect knife can be used in all                types of harsh situations.

Sharpen Yours Today!


Sharpen tools for peak efficiency.

What's in your shed? Whether it's a shovel, axe, hoe, a lopper or pruning shears your tools should be clean, rust-free and sharp!

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